Andrea Pusztai – Professional CV

Name: Pusztai Andrea

The University of Szeged – Liberal Arts, Philologist in Philosophy
Foundation and Description writing courses organised by Könyvmolyképző Publishing House (one of the major Hungarian publishers of YA, NA and Children’s literature)

E-mail address: prokopia75@gmail.com

Short stories:

November, 2014, Historium Publishing House
A vörös lobogó" (“The red banner”) historical short story published in the "Fegyvert s vitézt éneklek" (“I sing stories of arms and knights”) anthology

December, 2014 honourable mentions on the Preyer Hugo competition for the short story co-written with Andrea Czövek (Mab Tee)
Appeared in the 318th issue of Galaktika magazine (Hungary’s most important science-fiction magazine) in September, 2016  
"Nélküled a világ" (“The world without you”)

Short stories that appeared on Aranymosás Literary Journal (The literary blog/ journal of Könyvmolyképző Publishing House):

“Álmoknak hinni”: (“Believe in dreams”)
“A sorsszövő” (“The Fate weaver”)

April, 2015 “A sorsszövő” (“The Fate weaver”) in „Kalandok és kalandozók” antológia (Adventures and adventurers anthology)

April. 2016 “A mademoiselle” (“The mademoiselle) in „Kalandok és kalandozók” antológia (Adventures and adventurers anthology)

February, 2017 : “A mordina” “The mordina” in Galaktika magazine


Bizánc: A sárkányölő /történelmi regény/− Gold Book Publishing House, November,2015
(Byzantium: The dragon slayer /historical novel/)

Bizánc: A zöld szemű kígyó /történelmi regény/ − Gold Book Publishing House, November, 2016
(Byzanthium: The green-eyed serpent /historical novel/)

Bizánc: A fekete sas /történelmi regény/ − Gold Book Publishing House, November, 2018
(Byzanthium: The black eagle /historical novel/)


Az ajtó - The door

Andrea Pusztai (1975) got her degree in Philosophy from the University of Szeged, but her true passion is history. Her main focus is the early Middle Ages, the historical interactions between Byzantium and Hungary, but she is also interested in plague epidemics, witch trials and the roles and lives of women and religions through the course of history. She also writes fantasy and when it comes to short stories, she enjoys venturing into sci-fi and more mystical topics.

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